Consultation outcome:


in favour of keeping boats on Riverside*


in favour of no fee increases*

The consultation responses are below (in the format we were given them by the Council), along with our press release:

*based on all email and questionaire responses - the Council didn't exactly provide the information in an easy-to-read format

River Review published

Camboaters have published a detailed River Review in response to the Council's consultation on River Moorings in the City. You can download a copy below.

Download Camboaters River Review

Urgent - revised Council proposals

The recent consultation on moorings found that an overwhelming majority of people are favour of retaining mooring on Riverside and not increasing fees for boaters. But the Council are proposing:

The Council will be making their decision on Monday evening - the agenda and background documents are now up on the Council website. The Councillors making the decison really need to know that when people responded to the consultation they were in favour of all boats being permitted to remain on Riverside - not just a token chosen few - and that sneaking in a huge fee increase for single people - which wasn't mentioned in the consultation - is both underhand and unfair.

We've detailed our concerns in a letter to the Councillors on the committee - available here.

Update Monday 20th. The committee meeting is now upon us - we'll update everyone who responded once the committee has made their decisions.